FACT (Family and child treatment)


Basic Needs

With today’s strained economy, many of FACT’s clients are out of work and struggling to provide their families with basic daily needs and essentials.  Although there are many wonderful programs that assist those in need with food, clothing, toiletries etc., it is sometimes very difficult for people to afford transportation to go to separate locations to acquire the things they need.  Therefore, FACT created a basic needs program that acts like a “one stop shop” for our clients when they come to therapy.  Clients can shop for free clothing in “FACTique” located right in the waiting room of our therapy offices.  If they need food and/or toiletries they simply let their therapist or advocate know and they are happy to assist them.  Additionally, FACT has a toy room where children can choose from a selection of age appropriate toys for their birthday or special occasion!  The FACT basic needs program is one more way FACT is trying to inspire clients to focus on their healing by alleviating the worry of trying to provide their families with basic needs and essentials.

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