FACT (Family and child treatment)


Family Support

Non-Offending Parents (NOP) Group

This group is for parents of children who have been sexually abused. The group focuses on different topics surrounding child sexual abuse, including signs and symptoms of abuse, how abuse affects children and families, common feelings of non-offending parents, learning about offenders, denial, prevention and safety planning, and healthy boundaries in family relationships.

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The group has a $10.00 cost per session, and potential group members must commit to attend all eight sessions of the group. Individuals may refer themselves to this group. For those with an open CPS case, the group may fulfill requirements for a CPS required NOP group; potential group members seeking this requirement would need to discuss this option with their CPS worker.

All group members need to be approved for the group. In order to be approved, potential members will need to complete an intake session (approximately one hour) with the group leader or another therapist employed at Family and Child Treatment. Group members will be expected to sign-in for every group and will be expected to attend each group on time. This group is held once per week on Tuesdays at 5:00pm and lasts for one hour.

Client Quotes:

"I have learned how to talk to my teenage daughter and deal with my feelings." - Non-Offending Parent Client