FACT (Family and child treatment)


Juvenile Psycho-educational Group (In the process of development)

Juvenile Psycho-educational Outpatient Group 

The focus of this group is to provide education regarding healthy relationships and healthy emotions for adolescent girls (ages 14-18). Other requirements for the group include a history of physical or sexual abuse (as the victim), and/or a history of solicitation. This group is focused on victims of abuse and human trafficking; perpetrators of abuse or human trafficking will not be permitted into the group.

This is an open group that adolescents can be referred to and start once the approval process is complete. The group meets once per week for five weeks at Family and Child Treatment, and covers one of the following topics each week: how to define healthy vs. abusive relationships, defining and setting appropriate boundaries, how to identify and manage anger and stress, healthy communication patterns, and how to build and increase self-esteem. Potential group members will be expected to attend each group on time and to attend a group on each topic. If a group member misses a session, she will be expected to make up that session in five weeks when that topic is scheduled again. Upon completion, group members will be given a certificate of completion.

All group members will need to be approved prior to attending the group. Individuals interested in the group will need to complete an intake packet and be recommended by their parole officer (if they have one). If additional consideration is needed prior to group approval, clients may be asked to complete an intake session with the group leader or another therapist employed at Family and Child Treatment.

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