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Sexual Abuse Victim services

The number of abuse victims has continued to accelerate in Nevada, with percentage increases ranging from 5 to 15 percent annually, particularly in Clark County and Southern Nevada (Kids Count Data Book, UNLV Center for Business and Economic Research). Population growth has outstripped the region’s ability to meet the needs of children and families who have been the victims of abuse and trauma.

For our youngest victims, as young as four years old, FACT offers art and play therapy.  FACT’s Children Victims Art and Play Therapy program delivers an age appropriate therapeutic treatment designed to assist children in the healing process as they cope with the aftermath of their trauma.  Through art and play therapy, children are able to express their feelings and emotions associated with their abuse, therefore giving the therapist a pulse on the child’s mindset as they design their treatment plan.  Children victims often struggle with trust and communication issues after a traumatic molestation or rape.  They become disengaged with their siblings, wake up with night terrors, and often act out in public.  These are all signs of trauma and without proper treatment; their abuse can have a lasting detrimental affect on the rest of their lives.  Through art and play therapy, by use of paints, clay, dolls, crayons, puzzle creations and other supplies, young children can describe their abuse with a comfortable, safe, non-threatening medium allowing therapists to guide them towards healing.

FACT victim services include a comprehensive, wrap-around array of evidence-based practices that are provided at low cost or free of charge. The list of Victim Services includes:

Individual therapy

• Family therapy

• Group therapy

• Family and child assessments and evaluations

• Case management and treatment planning

• Interagency clinical meetings and collaborations on cases in protective custody

FACT’s seasoned clinicians include Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

FACT has been Southern Nevada’s leading provider of victim services for over two decades and is poised strategically to develop and expand all of its victim programs to continue to enhance its strong reputation in the community. This agency provides a comprehensive array of counseling services to child and adult victims of child abuse, sexual assault and family violence.

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Client Quotes:

"FACT saved my life!  It was my lifeline back to sanity.  The staff goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Best therapy of my life.  They are patient and really care.  Thank you for being there in my darkest days." - FACT Victims Program Client


"The beginning was a little difficult but the therapy has been a great help.  I feel like I've been growing and steadily progressing.  I am extremely happy with my therapist and progress." -FACT Victims Program Client

Art and Play Therapy Room at FACT

Art and Play Therapy Room at FACT

Family Therapy Room at FACT