FACT (Family and child treatment)


Teen crisis and intervention program (TCIP)

Mental Health Services:

Individual therapy

Family therapy

Group therapy

Support Group

Family and child assessments and evaluations

Case management, including clinical staff meetings and treatment planning

The role of the advocate is to assist TCIP clients with accessing community re- sources that will help them achieve their potential of living a healthy lifestyle:

Advocacy Services:

Education                                                     Pre-natal Care    

Court Accompaniment                                   Substance Abuse Issues

Transportation                                               Health Issues

Job Placement                                               Support Groups

Career Skills Development                              and Additional Needs

For more information regarding TCIP please contact:

Office: (702) 258-5855 x 238

Photo by ClipArt

Photo by ClipArt

The purpose of the FACT Teen Crisis and Intervention Program is to provide NO COST professional mental health outpatient counseling and advocacy services for adolescent victims of the Las Vegas illegal sex trade.

FACT’s team of Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists and interns, will work to provide comprehensive counseling.

Child Prostitution/Human Trafficking

On any given night in Las Vegas, more than 400 underage girls are used as prostitutes (Las Vegas, Now, 2009). Research conducted by Melissa Farley, Ph.D. of Prostitution Research & Education, argues that prostitution is not a victimless crime. She writes in “Prostitution: Fact sheet on Human Rights Violations,” that prostitution is “sexual harassment, rape, battering, verbal abuse, domestic violence, a racist practice, a violation of human rights, childhood sexual abuse, a consequence of male domination of women and a means of maintaining male domination of women.” Children who have fallen victim to the illegal sex trade in Las Vegas many times have a history of being victims over and over again by being exposed to verbal, physical and sexual abuse, negative environmental factors involving drugs, domestic violence within the home, and placement into multiple foster care programs. Many of these victims are forced to work the streets or risk painful consequences at the hands of the pimps selling them. There is an extreme amount of manipulation and fear tactics used by the pimps in order to profit off of the sale of these underage girls making the fear of trying to escape almost unbearable.

Working in conjunction with the 8th District Court - Family Division

FACT has developed a program that offers a multitude of advocacy services and outpatient therapy to help these young girls toward a brighter future empowering them to take back their lives. FACT has formed important collaborations within the community to make sure that our clients have access to everything they need to move forward and heal. Collaborations allow the FACT advocates to assist clients with access to free medical/dental care, OBGYN services, STD testing, education, job skills preparation/training, food, clothing, shelter and any other needs that may arise.

Our Staff

Our professional staff of seasoned therapists and advocates assists and supports the victims of child trafficking through the court process, as well as on their journey toward health and healing from trauma and abuse. Females ages 13-24 with a history of soliciting may participate in this program.