FACT (Family and child treatment)


wish list


As a non-profit, every dollar counts so supply drives are always great!  Office needs such as printer paper, sticky notes, file folders, envelopes, paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, cleaning supplies, paper clips, tape, staples, garbage bags and any other office supplies you can think of are needed!  By reducing our supply cost we can stretch our dollars further for our clients!


We have a donation toy room at FACT to give gifts to our younger clients for holidays, birthdays and before a court date to ease their nerves.

Gift Cards:

Any and all gift cards help because FACT Advocates will use them to assist clients with their needs!


(Children M/F, teen F & adult F) for our clothing room “FACTique”

Canned/Boxed Food Items


shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, mouthwash, feminine products, lotion, Q-tips, toilet paper.  * Note:  Collecting unused items from hotel rooms is a great way to contribute!

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