Youth Violence Program

FACT offers an 8-week long youth violence program. This program is for youth who need practice in self-empowerment, coping skills, and healthy relationship dynamics. 

Youth Violence Program Overview

This is an interactive program where members can participate in group discussions and coursework. Participants will be asked to give a verbal account of what they learned from the class to the facilitator. The instructors would like to see that the youth have gained insight and increased their awareness as to where unhealthy behaviors stem from and ways they can cope with negative emotions. The goal of this program is to educate youth about youth violence, increase empathy, insight, and reduce recidivism so the youth can form healthy relationships in their life.

*Total cost for the 8-week youth violence program is $200. Individual courses are $25. Price may change depending on referral source. Age groups for the youth violence program range from 8-18 years old. 


Course Material: The program is divided into 8 modules below:

Module 1: Anger Triggers & Impulse Control

-Anger Styles 

-Identify Triggers

-Coping Strategies

Module 2: Defining Abuse

- Different Types of Abuse

- Physical, Sexual, Emotional, & Neglect

- Abuse Cycle 

Module 3: Power & Control Wheel

- What is power/control?

- Self-Control

- Responsibility

- Setting Healthy Boundaries  

Module 4: Who Am I?

- Personal Reflection Questions

- Exploring Personal Values

- Strengths Exploration 

Module 5: Thinking Errors

- Defining/Identifying Thinking Errors

- Automatic Thoughts

- Challenging Negative Thoughts

Module 6: Empathy

-Building Empathy

-Victim Empathy

-Compassion for Others

Module 7: Trauma

-What is Trauma?

- Reactions to Trauma/Effects of Trauma 

- Healthy Coping Strategies

-Grounding Techniques

Module 8: Communication

-Types of Communication

- “I” Statements

- Reflection/Conflict Resolution