Family and Child Treatment of Southern Nevada (FACT) was founded in 1984 as a result of a merger between two previously existing United Way counseling programs; C-SAT (Child Sexual Abuse Treatment) and Family Counseling.  Under the direction of United Way, these two agencies consolidated their administrative and programmatic resources to form FACT.  This integration meant that FACT provided specialized services in both the areas of childhood sexual abuse and family counseling.  


As the agency began to grow and expand over the years, FACT evolved to address the needs of under-served populations as well as integrating education and prevention into the treatment structure.  Today, FACT, a United Way accredited non-profit agency, remains dedicated to helping children, adults, and families heal from the traumas and cycle of abuse, neglect, and violence through education, prevention, and treatment services.  


FACT is recognized by the Clark County community as a leader in the development and implementation of programs to address the complex issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, sex trafficking, child supervision and exchange, and child trafficking.  Additionally, FACT works in collaborative partnerships to serve diverse populations and provide services throughout the vast community.