Youth Petty Larceny Program

FACT offers a 2-week course on Petty Larceny for youth ages 8-18. This program is for those who need practice in impulse control, thinking errors, and strategies in behavioral changes.

Youth Petty Larceny Program Overview

This is an interactive program where members can participate in group discussions and coursework. Participants will be asked to give a verbal account of what they learned from the class to the facilitator. The instructors would like to see that the youth have gained insight on skills for self-control. The goal of this program is to educate youth about their triggers, thinking errors, and healthy relaxation strategies that will increase insight and reduce recidivism so the youth can form healthy relationships in their life.

 *Total cost for the 2-week youth anger management program is $50. Individual courses are $25. Price may change depending on referral source.