FACT Team Members



Executive Director: Heather Campa

Administrative Assistant: Leanne Sharp

Office Manager: Lorna Suyat



Clinical Director of Offender Services: Lileana Barrera Roque, LCSW, CCTP

Clinical Director of Victim Services: Karissa Garr, LCSW

Clinical Therapist: Courtney Each, LMFT-Intern

Clinical Therapist: Phonemany Thongkham, LSW, CSW-Intern

Advocate: Brittany Zachary 

Advocate: Dana Seidlinger

Advocate: Jackie Gaetos


Donna's House Team Members

Manager-  Janice Parlin 

Team Member- Juan Contreras-Flores 

Team Member- Yolanda Fernandez 

Team Member- Aurora Guzman-Luna

Team Member- Angelica Lewis   

Team Member- Rosa Morales 

Team Member- Joseph Travieso