Donna's House

Donna’s House Central (DHC) is a Family and Child Treatment (FACT) Program sponsored by the 8th Judicial District Court-Family Division.

 Donna’s House Central provides supervised visitation and exchange services for custodial and non-custodial parents. Donna’s House Central provides a safe, neutral, and child friendly environment for non-custodial parents to initiate, reunite, or to continue in a relationship with their children. Visitation is provided in one-hour or two-hour blocks of time under the auspices of visitation supervisors. All activities are monitored, and reports are provided to the Court. 

Family Court and Services Center
601 North Pecos Road, Ste. ADG-450, Map
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Donna’s House Family Mediation Center

Phone:  (702) 455-4229
FAX: (702) 388-2823


Donna's House History


Donna's House is named for Donna Hernandez, a Family Court clerk who was murdered by her ex-husband, Fernando Hernandez, on Oct. 6, 1999, in front of the couple's then 3-year-old daughter. Fernando was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Prior to her death, Donna had obtained several protection orders against Fernando because of domestic violence. She had unsuccessfully fought in Family Court to prevent him from sharing custody of their daughter.

Family Court Judge Dianne Steel and Assistant Court Administrator Christina Chandler were the "driving forces" behind Donna's House. According to Chandler, Donna's House is a reminder that  Donna Hernandez's tragic death "was neither the first nor last time a child will be exposed to or harmed by the conflicts and violence between parents." A large portrait of Donna Hernandez hugging her daughter hangs in the main room of the center -- a haunting reminder of the personal effects of domestic violence.

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